For dry and sensitive skin
Hypoallergenic • Non-medicated • Fragrance-free

Product of Hungary

Marine Elements is a skincare range pioneered from European science and research, envisioned to developing uniqueproducts from sustainable sources of marine ingredients and state-of-the-art technology to nourish, repair and remodel dry and sensitive skin. 


Effectively alleviates redness and itchiness arising from exacerbated dry skin conditions.  Helps provide endured moisturisation and promotes skin repair. For allergy and eczematic outbreaks.  Anti-inflammatory.

Marine Elements Intensive Cream

Enriched with natural botanical essence which promotes moisture retention, nourishes dry skin and protects from environmental free radicals.  Apply daily and especially after washing.

Soap-free and skin friendly pH.
Protects skin barrier and replenishes moisture loss during washing.  For daily use.


Forms a protective layer on your skin to provide long lastingmoisturisation and to reduce the impact from harsh elements.
Non-greasy.  Use frequently and after washing hands.


A lightweight cream for maintaining a healthy skin barrier and for protecting cell membranes.  Forms an invisible film to block out free radicals and external irritants.  Apply daily.

Gentle gel wash formulated especially for delicate skin. Free of soap and sulphates.  Protects the skin’s natural barrier and leaves your skin feeling moisturised and smooth.  For daily use.

Our Solution for managing dry and sensitive skin is by repairing and strengthening the skin barrier

1. Skin barrier "booster":

  • France, it helps repair and seal fine cracks in the skin barrier, as well as promoting its self-recovery with prolonged use.

  • Improved moisture retention at a deeper skin level with repaired barrier.

  • Provides a protective barrier to enhance moisture retention and to protect your skin.

  • Helps enhance absorption of skin nourishing elements in the formulation.


2. Deep soothing and cell remodelling:

  • With the calming and anti-inflammatory benefits of Sea Mayweed, irritation, redness and itchiness are alleviated.

  • Thanks to the precious sea minerals, deep skin layers become more oxygenized with cell repair and remodelling enhanced.


3. Constant softening of skin keratin layer:

  • Contains mild papaya enzymes for constant gentle softening of the thickened keratin layer associated with prolonged allergic responses.

  • Coupled with ceramide (the lipids between skin cells), the healthy self-regeneration of skin cells is awakened, thereby further retaining moisture at the keratin layer.

  • Promotes brighter and smoother skin texture.

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